Black Horizon

And so it begins...



The party begins their adventure in the town of Arabel. Arabel sits at an important crossroad and trade center for the country of Cormyr. As of late, Arabel has been under siege by the Shadovar. Battles have been taking place in Tilverton to the north; because of this, Lady Myrmeen Lhal (ruler of Arabel) has taken it upon herself to use the town’s wealth to combat this impending threat.

Posted all over town are signs, asking all would-be adventurers and mercenaries willing to take up arms for coin, to meet at the High Moon Inn.

High moon inn

The High Moon Inn

Durg Dawnarmour, Sylana and Dara walk into a tavern…

The adventurers enter the High Moon Inn, not sure of each other, who they’d be working with or exactly what it was they would be doing. There are some thirty adventurers here, milling about and comparing weaponry, scars and magic.

The Purple Dragon Knights have set up a table, and a line has formed. Adventurers eager for battle against the Shadovan and the goblins will be paid 25 Cormyr Gold for each head brought back.

In the corner of the tavern, a man sits by himself, not because he’s being avoided, but rather because this Red Robed Wizard is well respected. The red cloaked man signals to Durg, Sylvana and Dara to come sit at his table.

The adventurers oblige. The cloaked man leans forward and says

I am the great wizard Tarwick Farseer. I have orders to send the strongest and most abled group of adventurers on a very important, and secret task.

Interested, the adventurers lean in close, as he speaks.

To obtain the head of a local Goblin Warmonger by the name of Strom who occupies a nearby Goblin infested catacomb on the other side of the King’s Forest. If you can do this for Cormyr, more work will come, should you aquire his head. The Purple Dragon Knights and the War Wizards will both deny any involvement in this incursion. You have also been warned about the laws of Cormyr, and that you will not be chartered to carry weapons here, and you must avoid contact with the Purple Dragon Knights and other authorities at all costs. We will deny your existence.

Curious about who he is, Sylvana asks him about his background, to which he answers

I am one of the War Wizards, magistrate and advisor to the High Wizard of Cormyr.

Tarwick elaborates on the plan

I want Strom killed because it is believed that he is tunneling underneath Arabel, to link it to the Underdark. If successful, Strom could launch an attack on the town, and overrun it with goblins, pillaging its rich trade goods and stock. Obviously we cannot allow this to happen.

To ensure the death of Strom, Tarwick has extended his personal discount for the merchant next door to the adventurers. The adventurers find out that the deal is half off any goods he has.

As the adventurers leave, Tarwick points to a location on a map given to them, just west of the King’s Forest.

Exiting the town

While exiting the town, the party is stopped by a small group of Purple Dragon Knights.

Adventurers! Stop! Show me your papers.

Sylana manages to bluff the knights into thinking they were headed toward the High Moon Inn to join the others. Unsure of their motives, the Knights follow. Upon reaching the Inn once again, Tarwick manages to spot them and signals to the Knights to speak with him. The adventurers quickly took the opportunity to sneak out of town.

Kings forest

The King’s Forest

While passing through the King’s Forest, the adventurers are ambushed by a group of Orcs. Not ready for the fight, Dara is put down rather quickly as Durg and Sylvana manage to dispatch the Orcs rather quickly.



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