Purple Dragon Knights

Purple dragon knight

The Purple Dragon Knights are the officers and warrior elite of the Cormyrian army, otherwise known as the Purple Dragons.

On the battlefield they work with the War Wizards in order to overcome the enemy.

As knights of the crown, members of the Purple Dragons put their honour before anything else and will not bend it for any purpose. The order has high ethical standards for all of its initiates.

Purple Dragon knights are servants of law and of good, though not always of both. Regardless of a Purple Dragon’s individual feelings; all are expected to do what is best for Cormyr and to serve justice, giving no rest to evil nor corruption.

Purple Dragon knight training allows members of the order to gain several special abilities that serve them well in combat. New initiates into the order learn quickly how to make the best of a bad situation, pulling themselves together when bloodied and bruised so they can yet strike their foe once more. Purple dragons learn to rally their spirits and push onward, even with things seem at their worst. This aura of confidence inspires others to do the same, giving them further resilience against all the ills that may befall them in battle.

Purple Dragon Knights

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